Prices do vary on location, contact us and we can give a proper quote!

Freelance Coaching Prices:
*Mileage may be added! The more lessons in the same location, the less the mileage costs*
Private 1hr lesson - $45.00 + tax
Semi-Private 1hr lesson - $35.00 + tax

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Alanna L. and Mojo having a jumper lesson with Leslie Curran at LL Equestrian, Innisfil, ON.
Youngest student Abby U. and Eclipse attending the
Great Northern Exhibition - Gymkhana with coach Leslie Curran

Training packages with VOLTE can vary on the needs of the horse and owner. Younger horses need and enjoy consistency, whereas educated horses can benefit from the occasional two to three times a week as fitness sessions.

     Just like lessons, VOLTE can do freelance training sessions at your own farm or facility as long as there is a safe and proper environment to do so HOWEVER we will suggest and highly recommend transporting your horse to a VOLTE recognized facility for convenience and control over training and care. Some horses may require certain feed programs while under strenuous training. There is also a discount per session if your horse is in a full time program at VOLTE facility.

Various Training Packages​ 

Full Training - includes 4 sessions per week
$480.00 per month + tax.

Partial Training - includes 3 sessions per week
$360.00 per month + tax.

Light Training - includes 2 sessions per week
$240.00 per month + tax.

BOARDING COSTS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN TRAINING PRICES - contact for more information regarding the facility location and boarding costs. 
​​​​​Inquire for other training packages and quotes with more specific and individual programs, whether it be fewer or more rides per week.

​​​​​Freelance Training Prices:

*Mileage may be added! The more sessions in the same location, the less the mileage costs*
Private session - $35.00 + tax

    Contact for more information and exact quotes on
various packages


Our Coach & Trainer
Leslie Curran

Certifications & Accomplishments:

-Standard First Aid Certificate current​
-Equine Canada “Learn to Teach” 2006
-National Coaching Certification (NCCP)
(Equestrian – Instruction of Beginners & over fences 2008)
-Pony Club D2 Riding Level 2007
​-Reci​pient of the Ontario Equestrian Federation Youth Bursary 2007
-Groom 1 Certification with the University of Guelph
​- 2006 and 2007 Simcoe Pony Club Youth Representative​
Leslie Curran riding a clients Fjord mare.

Leslie Curran jump schooling her draft x Welington
Leslie Curran schooling Annika, an upper level dressage horse at Creemore Equestrian, ON.